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SFR Interactions Cellulaires et Applications Thérapeutiques

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    Friday Séminaire 08/07/2016

    Friday Séminaire 08/07/2016

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    Séminaire de Nicolas Autret, Somalogic

    Invité par Linda Grimaud

    Le 8 juillet 2016

    Un séminaire sera donné par Nicolas Autret, Regional Manager, Southern Europe, SomaLogic, Ltd.

    «The proteomics revolution is here! Understanding the complexity of biology with SOMAscan-based highly multiplexed protein measurement»

    Les étudiants de médecine/pharmacie devant valider certains modules (M1 et M2) devront impérativement venir avec leur fiche personnelle de validation des séminaires qui sera alors tamponnée.

    12h00 - 13h00
    ICO site Paul Papin, amphithéâtre

     secr-inserm-angers @

    Even though proteins are the targets of 95% of all known drugs, and downstream of both genetics and the environment, proteomics has failed to generate even a fraction of the excitement that drives the genomics revolution. This has been justifiable until now
    because large scale, high throughput, highly multiplexed protein measurements have not been possible.
    With the availability of the SOMAscan 1.3k assay, using modified DNA-based reagents which form highly specific complexes with proteins, we have re-purposed genetic technologies to measure proteins at unprecedented scale and performance: subpicogram detection of thousands of proteins with high precision and tiny volumes of
    Examples from cancer, metabolic up to cardiovascular diseases will be shown of how the
    individual novel reagents as well as the SOMAscan assay are being used to uncover new biology, validate new targets and deliver actionable information for medical practice and drug development.