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    MITOVASC Institute inauguration

    MITOVASC Institute inauguration

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    MITOVASC Institute inauguration

    Angers speeds up translational research

    Le 20 janvier 2016






    The University and the university hospital of Angers launch the MITOVASC Institute.

    Dedicated to mitochondria, heart and vascular pathologies, this institute aims at encouraging translational research to speed up the development of new therapies for these diseases.  

    Led by Prof. Fabrice Prunier, cardiologist, the MITOVASC Institute will be officially inaugurated on January 20th 2016. 


    Practical information:
    MITOVASC Institute Inauguration 20 january 2016 from 2pm to 4:30pm
    UFR Santé - Room Amphi 200 - Rue Haute de Reculée, Angers, France


    Angers University and the University Hospital of Angers join in the creation of the MITOVASC Institute dedicated to the mitochondria, heart and vascular pathologies.

    The MITOVASC Institute aims at favoring the translational research in order to accelerate the development of new therapies for mitochondrial and cardio-vascular diseases. 

    Composed of a team of fundamental and pre-clinical research as well as a clinical research department made up of 6 different groups, the institute capitalizes on the actors’ proximity within the centre of Angers. Encouraging innovative projects, it will develop national and international collaborations.

    Led by Professor Fabrice Prunier, cardiologist, the institute will be officially launched on January 20th 2016 in a ceremony chaired both by the University and the Hospital of Angers. During this event, Professor Denis Angoulvant from the Hospital of Tours and Professor Hervé Le Marec from the Institut du Thorax in Nantes will present the key role of specialized institutes as well as the major interest of their collaboration with Angers.

    Based on the synergy between fundamental, pre-clinical and clinical research as well as on research collaborations with high quality partners, the Institute MITOVASC will create a driving force in translational research at regional, national and international levels. 


    Project manager: Clotilde ROUSSILLE

    clotilde.roussille @

    Tel: +33 (0)